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Regal Wedding Tour


Regal Wedding Tour

In India there is no greater event in a family than a wedding. Wedding ceremonies in India are known to be most grand, lavish and full of cultural hues. The Gala day is organized as the most important event in one's life in India. The diversity of castes and religion in India adds on more fervor to the wedding ceremonies.
In India there is no place such as Rajasthan which is the best venue for Regal wedding which are Auspicious, Dreamy & Memorable. The Grand Heritage Palaces and Royal Retreats of Udaipur have become the most sought-after venues for the Regal Celebrations. The perfectly appointed facilities and exquisite palace venues come together to create an authentic backdrop for a truly Regal Celebrations.
Regal Celebration venues in Udaipur:
Jagmandir - A Unique Setting
 Jagmandir, an island palace on Lake Pichola built by Maharana Karan Singh in the early 1600s. Maharana Jagat Singh (1628 - 52) completed its magnificent construction and lent his name to Jagmandir . In the 1623 , Prince Khurram , who later become Emperor Shah Jehan, sought refuge here. His stay at the Jagmandir is said to have inspired the Mughal ruler to built the Taj Mahal. Today Jagmandir is continuing the tradition of centuries - old hospitality and is the unique venue for Regal Weddings meticulously organized and planned by Sahara Tourism
Durbar Hall - A glorious venue
The Durbar Hall at the Fateh Prakash Palace, Udaipur has hosted state banquets, formal durbars, and royal weddings ever since it was built in 1910s. It is resplendent with opulent crystal chandeliers and velvet canopies, original portraits of the Maharanas of Mewar and a splendid display of armory. It is indeed a glorious venue for holding gala events. From the galleries that surround it one gets a magnificent view of Lake Pichola , Jagmandir , Lake Palace and the Sajjangarh Palace. The first floor gallery of the Durbar Hall houses the famous Crystal Gallery, probably the largest single private collection of crystal anywhere in the world.
Manek Chowk - A grand affair
The beautifully landscaped Manek Chowk, in front of the City Palace, Udaipur, has been the traditional venue for royal festivities since the early 1600s.

Till date, royal occasions, religious festivals and awards functions are held here. Manek Chowk provides the ideal venue for grand sit- down banquets, with multi - course meals being served by liveried staff of the HRH Group of Hotels. The decorative lights, the mashaals, the backdrop of the City Palace fašade makes for a memorable evening at Manek Chowk.
Zenana Mahal - For candle - lit banquet
The former palace of the royal ladies is now gloriously transformed to host candle - lit banquets and ' sangeet ' ceremonies during a Regal Wedding in Udaipur. The Zenana Mahal, an integral part of the City Palace complex, was built in the early 1600s and has witnessed innumerable royal weddings. The huge courtyard, with its lush - green trees, fountains and the flower - decked canopies have witnessed the fun and frolic associated with Royal Weddings. You and your wedding guests could be reveling in the historic luxury of Zenana Mahal and enjoying the sumptuous banquets laid out by our chefs to pamper your palate with multi - cuisine fare.
Promenade - A Tranquil bank
|On the banks of Lake Pichola is a large earthen embankment known as Badi Pal area now also known as " The Promenade ", it has beautiful landscaped gardens in two levels with an elevated marble stage. A perfect setting on the lake - front with a stunning view of the surrounding Aravalli Hills and the floating island palaces of Jagmandir and Lake Palace.

The backdrop of majestic City Palace complex rising over the Lake creates a dreamlike setting for a pre- wedding ceremonial mehendi. Recreating a Chaat food fun stall lining the waterfront further enhances the festive mood, Mehndiwalis do their bit to create fantasies on eagerly extended palms of the guests present.

A mehendi celebration speaks itself regarding the royalty of that auspicious day which adds a new and pious color not only on the palms but also in the new life of the ravishing bride.
Risala - A Village experience
Snuggled up in the Aravali hills is Shikarbadi , the old hunting lodge of the Mewar rulers . In the heart of dense forest, Shikarbadi comples you to forget that you are anywhere close to a city.

" Risala " literally means a complement of horses. Risala is not a restaurant, it is an experience. And a strongly compelling one at that. Not only is it a place where you can sample authentic Mewari cuisine, it is also a place where you are treated with the charming Rajasthani hospitality royal / traditional welcome. For which the region prides itself.

The outdoor Risala restaurant has terra cotta & cavalry trapping depicting equestrian scenes while offering to the guest a view of the floodlit Sajjangarh Fort. Craftsman and potters, blacksmiths and sword- makers , puppeteers and painters , palmist and astrologers will all be there to hold the guest's attention. The rustic ambience is heightened with lanterns, haystacks and huts.

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